A new cancer therapy gentle on the body  Heavy ion radiotherapy

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What is heavy ion radiotherapy?

Benefits of heavy ion radiotherapy

A new, painless cancer therapy. Short treatment period, less adverse reactions.

Differences from conventional radiotherapy

Heavy ion radiotherapy is advanced medical technology. It is a new cancer therapy, which differs from conventional radiotherapies.

Cancer therapy, raised in Japan

Japan started clinical trials on a full scale in 1994 for the first time in the world, and we are now treating patients from around the world.

Presentation using illustrations that are easy to understand (the diagnosis for consultation; the treatment and cost)
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This made-in-Japan cancer therapy can also be provided for patients from around the world.
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The English and Chinese versions of the Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Guide are based on the Japanese version of the website, which was created by the Particle Radiotherapy Promotion Group (P-RAP)..


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