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Heavy Ion Radiotherapy For medical professionals

This website provides information on heavy ion radiotherapy for medical professionals (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, nurses, etc.). Persons other than medical professionals, including those who hope for heavy ion radiotherapy, are requested to enter here.
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What is heavy ion radiotherapy?

What are heavy ion beams?

Detailed explanation of characteristics of heavy ion radiotherapy

Characteristics of heavy ion radiotherapy

Concentration and biological effect

Equipment necessary for the therapy

Presentation of the heavy particle accelerators used for the therapy
Accelerators and irradiation systems

Advantages of heavy ion radiotherapy

Comparison from various angles

History of heavy ion radiotherapy

History of application for cancer therapy

Present status and actual results

R&D status in various countries

Worldwide facilities

General situation of heavy ion radiotherapy

The number of enrolled patients, etc.

Actual results of heavy ion radiotherapy

Local control and survival rates, etc.

Effectiveness of cancer therapy for each site

Prostate cancer and bone and soft tissue tumors are most favorable

Future of heavy ion radiotherapy

Aiming for more advanced therapy

Introduction of the related facilities

Introduction of the related facilities

World-leading facilities in Japan

Cooperating medical institutions

Medical cooperation between various medical specialists and institutions

The English and Chinese versions of the Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Guide are based on the Japanese version of the website, which was created by the Particle Radiotherapy Promotion Group (P-RAP)..


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